[Icecast] ices-0.4 on gentoo

Huw - Junglised contact at junglised.co.uk
Sat Feb 12 16:47:03 UTC 2011

 That worked perfectly! Im clearly a linux novice.

 How do I go about setting it to run automatically on boot?

 On Sat, 12 Feb 2011 17:42:51 +0100, Sascha Bieler 
 <sascha.bieler at radiogong.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> this just means that ices cannot be found in the global system PATH,
> because you did'nt run configure with option --prefix=/usr/. If you
> just run configure everything will be installed after a successful 
> mak
> and make install in prefix /usr/local.
> Try to start ices like /usr/local/bin/ices -c
> /usr/local/etc/ices.conf.dist -B
> Hope this helps
> Sascha
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> Hi all. I'm having an absolute nightmare trying to get ices-0.4
> running on my gentoo vps.
> i managed to use emerge to install icecast, which was way easier than
> when i tried on cent os last year. this is running perfectly, starts
> on boot etc.
> the only version of ices thats available via emerge is ices2, which i
> dont want.
> ive tried (and im no linux pro) wget the tarall, unzipping and
> compiling it, but i get this error when i try run ices:
> junglised ices-0.4 # ices -c /usr/local/etc/ices.conf.dist -B
> bash: ices: command not found
> im at a complete loss now. I just cant figure out how to get it
> running. Anybody had better luck getting it working on gentoo?
> Thanks
> Huw
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