[Icecast] Help for 5000 clients server + 50 sources

owl700 at gmail.com owl700 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 17:27:18 UTC 2011

Hi, i need a server for 5000 clients and 50 sources at the same time

Can you help me to choose the right server?

I was thinking this one

PowerEdge R710
n.2 x Intel Xeon E5502 (1,86GHz, cache 4MB, 4,86 GT/s QPI)
2GB Memory for 1CPU (2x1GB Single Rank UDIMMs) 1066MHz 2 X 146GB SAS
15.000rpm 3,5" hd hot-plug PERC 6/i RAID controller 256MB PCIe 2x4
1 gbit network card

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