[Icecast] NSURLErrorDomain Error 1013 - iPod Authenticated Streams

Gavin Stephens small.net.nz at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 21:13:00 UTC 2011

I think this is my iPod it's running iOSv5.

When I click on login to open an audio stream from Icecast2, it comes up 
with "NSURLErrorDomain Error 1013" and won't play.

Any ideas?

If I try to start the feed from Safari by using the mount point URL 
directly instead of the Icecast page, it prompts for username and 
password and works fine or if I include the user/password in the http 
URL for example "http://user:pass@test/test".

It's just when using the login page it errors most of the time. I think 
it tries to send username and password or something without waiting for 
a response from the Icecast http server, I could be wrong, but it's all 
I could find on a similar error with iOSv5 with http authentication.

Of course the login works fine from Mozilla on my desktop PC, just the 
iPod Touch.

New Zealand.

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