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Raymond Lutz raylutz at cognisys.com
Wed Aug 10 16:28:26 UTC 2011

check out open-source ffmp3. I use it on http://AirProgressive.org. It 
has multiple skins and it says it plays ogg, but I haven't tried that 


This player is VERY ROBUST and will continue to try to connect to the 
stream if there are any glitches. I like the instant-on feature when the 
page is first opened. Was very easy to install BUT requires flash 
support, so it will not work in some mini browsers, like in Blackberries 
and iphones that don't use flash, so you have to still provide connect 

--Ray Lutz

On 8/10/2011 2:21 AM, S(ula Milos( wrote:
> Hi,
>  i have succesfully installed icecast2 server on linux and now i am 
> looking for a client which can be embeded into html code to play ogg 
> audio stream directly from html page.
> I have tried to embed WMP and it does work well, but WMP cannot seek 
> the stream.
> best regards
> Milos Sula
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