[Icecast] repeater

Facundo Suárez suarez.jf at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 21:48:40 UTC 2011

Well, asking to dev-icecast list, James Scoles told me that icecast by
itself can't do what i need. So he recomended me to use "liquidsoap"
to do the rebroadcast.

It is working just fine, because i didn't have time to discover some
new thing yet.

I wish to share with all of you.


2011/4/21 Sascha Bieler <sascha.bieler at radiogong.de>:
> As far as I know you have to fetch the stream with the relay server from the master.
> Regrads
> Sascha
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> May be i forgot to say, i don't have access to the slave server. This
> one (the slave) is an icescast2 server that is not mine, i can't
> configure anything on that.
> I have been thinking about just use darkice to send some recivied
> stream to many other servers, but i thought that icecast may have the
> posibility to set up an "repeater" or whatever.
> Need some config in xml, just like:
>    <relay>
>        <server></server>
>        <port>8001</port>
>        <mount>/example.ogg</mount>
>        <local-mount>/different.ogg</local-mount>
>        <relay-shoutcast-metadata>0</relay-shoutcast-metadata>
>    </relay>
> but not for being a slave relay. Need to send to any other server (not
> mine, can't configure, just have an account, mount pont, user, pass)
> one of the streams in mine.
> Is this possible ?
> Any way, thanks to everyone who answered.
> 2011/4/21 Sascha Bieler <sascha.bieler at radiogong.de>:
>> Hi,
>> the master section you'll put on the slave server and on the master server you'll say how much redirects you will allow and that's it.
>> Best regrds
>> Sascha
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