[Icecast] Custom Attribute in icecast.xml

Nicholas Young nicholas at nicholaswyoung.com
Sun Sep 5 22:30:55 UTC 2010

So, since I don't know the codebase that well, I would like to ask for

I'm looking to add an extra parameter into the mount-point area, so that
icecast can make an HTTP request to the URL
when it receives new metadata - much like the URL authentication methods.

What do I need to add into the the C file (I'm assuming maybe cfgfile.c?)
and how would I access my custom attribute? I'm thinking the attribute would
look something like:


Any ideas?

Don't spend too much time thinking about this - but if you could point me in
the right direction, that would rock. I'll be open-sourcing this once it's
done, too. :)


Nicholas Young | nicholas at nicholaswyoung.com
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