[Icecast] Need a help on Online Video Streaming using IceCast

Rhytha Web rhythanew at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 04:05:58 PDT 2010


We are working on the Radio station project and we are trying to implement
the Live Video Streaming module using Icecast server with VLC player.

We have installed and configured the Icecast into our server. Also, we have
installed the VLC player in our local desktop computer.

The USB webcam(200 CMOS UCAM - DLC220T) has been connected into my machine.
Now we are trying to live video streaming into our website.

We tried in VLC player to configure through Icecast for streaming but
nothing works. But the VLC player deducts webcam and showing the video
picture in the VLC player.

*Whether the IceCast will only support the audio streaming or IceCast will
also support live online video streaming for my website?*

pls help us on this, becoz we are trying this for long time and could not
find the solution for it.

*It would be great if you can send us any correct online documentation for
configuring the IceCast with VLC player for live video streaming*

Thanks in advance!!!

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