[Icecast] question about <fallback> options

rw6hrm rw6hrm at yandex.ru
Sat Oct 9 13:04:56 PDT 2010

Dear friends,

I use IceCast2_Win32_2.3.2 version (under Win98 lol) and I have one simple question :)  So, my server stay as relay. I have two streams – main, from (for example) and reserve from (for example too). Mount points have same names on both streams. Main task is: if main stream is down, relay should be switched to reserve stream, and, then main stream is up, relay should be switched to main stream. My question: can I use “fallback” option as <fallback-server> in <relay> section? I think config file will be next:


Thank You for possible answers and sorry for my broken English…


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