[Icecast] analytics

Cristóbal Palmer cmpalmer at ibiblio.org
Tue Nov 23 19:40:56 UTC 2010

Hello all,

We (at ibiblio.org) are evaluating several projects and products for
getting good analytics from icecast. Specifically, we have explored
cacti and awstats. I am writing because I would like users of this
list to send me their experiences with analytics and monitoring
packages and products. I would like details such as time for initial
deployment, time and steps to add an addiitonal stream, dollar cost
(if applicable), and customizations required. Screenshots would be
very nice, too.

Please do not assume we have any particular cost, OS, license, or
other requirements in composing your reply. I'm interested in any and
all ways that people are getting data out of icecast and crunching it
for later review/analysis.

I am happy to summarize responses that people are comfortable having
shared back to the list. My plan is to give a reasonable amount of
time for people to compose responses and then send one summary email.

Cristóbal Palmer

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