[Icecast] Camera MJPEG to Icecast

Bino Oetomo bino at indoakses-online.com
Mon Nov 1 10:17:12 UTC 2010

Dear All ...
I have AXIS camera with output mjpeg format.

I try to relay it to outside world using ffmpeg and it work
The recipe is taken from 

Now .. I want to do it the otherway with Icecast

I try with wget -nv -O - http://root:root@ 
| ffmpeg2theora -a 0 -f mjpeg -o /dev/stdout | oggfwd  
8000 hackme /matamerapi

the access log said that there is "source" access ...

But when I try to see the active mount point .... there is no active 
mount point listed.

I step back and just try to use VLC to play a wmv movie and stream it to 
the same mount point ....
It work properly, means ... the mount point is listed as active .. and I 
can see the show from other station.

I also tried to forward the ffmeg2theora output using ezstream with : 
ezstream -c ./matamerapi.xml .... same result , the mountpoint is not 

My xml for ezstream is below :
    <svrinfoname>My Stream</svrinfoname>
    <svrinfodescription>Mata Merapi</svrinfodescription>

Kindlyplease give me your enlightment to fix this problem


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