[Icecast] Icecast2 Station with multiple scheduled DJs?

Romain Beauxis toots at rastageeks.org
Mon May 24 16:42:27 UTC 2010


Le lundi 24 mai 2010 11:10:23, Patrick Bohnet a écrit :
> it looks like my best option might be to have the DJs broadcast in 256kbs
> mount points that are hidden, and use liquidsoap to rebroadcast it to the
> live stream in 128kbs mp3. I can then control liquidsoap via an external
> programmatic interface which allows me to switch from DJ to DJ based on a
> timer, or to manually switch to a different show outside of the timer. I
> just don't like that it will reencode the audio.
> I was planning on using liquidsoap as the final auto dj (winamp/edcast was
> just for testing) anyway

I'm glad you though about liquidsoap for this application.

One thing that I did not see, though. Liquidsoap can receive the DJ stream 
directly and compose a stream the way you want.

This way, you could compose the stream as you want without having to do 
anything on icecast and the listener side.

In the SVN version you can even connect simultaneously several shoutcast DJs 
by using different ports for each of them..


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