[Icecast] new icecast client : DeeFuzzer

Lists Parisson lists at parisson.com
Sun Jan 17 00:04:21 UTC 2010

Hi !

DeeFuzzer is an icecast2 source client fully written in python and based on
shout-python. Features :

* MP3 and OGG (audio & video) file streaming over internet (Icecast)
* Full metadata encapsulation and management
* RSS podcast generator (current tracks and playlists)
* M3U playlist generator
* Recursive, random (shuffled) or pre-defined playlists
* Multi-threaded architecture : multiple station streaming with one config file
* Auto Twitter posting of the current playing tracks
* Jingling between main tracks
* OSC controller : control the main functions from a distant terminal
* Station relaying : stream other stations like *LIVE* sessions !
* Very light and optimized streaming process

Available for Unix/Linux and MacOS.

Official website :

Is it possible to add it to the 3rd apps list of the
icecast.org website ?

Thanks for this to the Icecast Masters  ;)

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