[Icecast] Using authentication just for metrics

Nicholas Young nicholas at nicholaswyoung.com
Mon Aug 23 23:32:07 UTC 2010

Hey -

I'm researching what it would take to just use authentication in Icecast
(like the POSTing to a URL) for metrics, rather than actually authenticating
the user.

Icecast doesn't pass in the listener's IP address as part of the POST, or
does it? If so, is there something I could turn off that would prevent the
user from being
prompted for authentication?

If this won't work, that's fine. As an alternative, I'll get my hands dirty
and write some code to make it work. (If I go this route, I know this isn't
the dev list, but - what language would Icecast be in, if any of you know
offhand? C? C++?)

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