[Icecast] Icecast Server doesnt work.

Sascha Bieler sascha.bieler at radiogong.de
Tue Apr 27 13:49:39 UTC 2010

60 bugs net???
I know guys taking the double!

So, this is called price-dumping, no?
By the way: Nice thread!

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Hi there,

Christian Eichert wrote:
> I am very new on this list, so that I will first say hello to everybody.
At least you don't ask if everyone is a bot on this mailing-list and
come right to the point. Thanks for that.

> I been this morning on the IRC and some guy there explained me that if
> I want real help I must pay him 60 euros pe hour.
tsts, you misrepresent the situation. Or just misunderstood me. Let me
give you and the fine concerned audience tonight my view of what happened.
You came onto the IRC channel, ignored the topic and just asked a meta
question and if everybody is a bot.

Topic for #icecast: Current release: 2.3.2 || Please read the docs
before asking questions, then just ask right away. Ask as accurately as
possible, and be patient for answers. || FORUM:
http://forum.icecast.org/ || Understanding Icecast:

Then you asked me if I speak German, which I do, but I don't do it on
the channel as the channel is generally in English. I said if you'd like
to I am available for consulting in German.
You asked me for my rate, to which I replied it would be 60€ per hour
net in your case.
You then went on to ask questions in English to which I replied and I
told you that I take that as a no to the consulting offer (which is just
fine by me).
Later you were impatient because my answers to your questions were
taking - gasp! - 5 minutes or more (I was cooking at that time). I told
you that IRC is not an priority for me while cooking and that if you'd
need urgent answers you should have considered my offer.

http://pastebin.mozilla.org/718826 - for the curious

Seriously, thanks for being a sport and making me laugh. I enjoyed it.

> I hope you dont charge me 60 euros for readiung this email and giving
> a hint.
No we don't. Help is free. Some times takes a while before someone
replies, but many of us can also be hired for consulting e.g. if
urgent/timely matters are at hand. My offer no longer stands in your
case though.

So let's drop that topic all together and now on to your Icecast problem.
> I have tryed to install icecast2 and ices2 on my dedicated server and
> followed allthe steps described on your site.
> in the end I tryed to connect to it with the VLC and here I post to
> you whats one can read in error.log
> maybe you can give me a sugestion
> [2010-04-27 11:17:02] INFO connection/_handle_source_request Source
> logging in at mountpoint "/metal.ogg"
> [2010-04-27 11:17:02] INFO source/get_next_buffer End of Stream /metal.ogg
> [2010-04-27 11:17:02] INFO source/source_main listener count on
> /metal.ogg now 0
> [2010-04-27 11:17:02] INFO source/source_shutdown Source "/metal.ogg"
> exiting
> [2010-04-27 11:29:24] EROR connection/_handle_connection HTTP request
> parsing failed
It seems like ices2 is having a problem staying connected. As I told you
earlier on IRC the ices logfile would be helpful to diagnose that.
Please include that in your next email.



PS: Please note that on many email clients you need to reset the address
to icecast at xiph.org when replying.
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