[Icecast] fallback file for FLAC stream

Milos Wimmer wimmer at zcu.cz
Sun Nov 22 16:47:22 PST 2009


I'm running FLAC streaming on Icecast-2.3.2 server and it works great for 
long time.
Now I tried to define fallback-mountpoint for it.
This fallback mount would be a file located in Icecast webroot. But 
Icecast doesn't accept any FLAC file I created. It writes warning:

"WARN source/source_move_clients stream /test-fallback.flac and /test.flac are of different types, ignored"

I tried to create test-fallback.flac file with Ogg as transport layer,
I tried to capture live FLAC stream into file and then use it as 
test-fallback.flac, no success.

I'm using following definition:


Other fallback-mountpoints for mp3 streams work nice for me.

So - is here any way how could I create correct file for using it as 
fallback file for FLAC stream?
Or could you recommend me how to do fallback for FLAC stream?

Thank you for help,


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