[Icecast] Darkice / Icecast2 - please assist

Tillmann A. Basien | ToolBox Solution GmbH tab at tbsol.de
Sat May 2 12:31:49 UTC 2009

I am using Darkice 0.17.1 and Icecast2 2.3.1

Darkice cannot talk to icecast, and I have no idee about there reason:

Logentry on icecast server side:
[2009-04-29  16:48:49] EROR connection/_handle_connection HTTP request 
parsing failed

config for Icecast is a standard mount which works with ices.

config for darkice is:
bitrateMode     = vbr       # constant bit rate
bitrate         = 128        # bitrate of the mp3 stream sent to the server
quality         = 1.0       # encoding quality
server          = www.kipradio.de
                            # host name of the server
format          = mp3
port            = 8000      # port of the IceCast server, usually 8000
password        = xxxxxx    # source password to the IceCast server
mountPoint      = /stottilien  # mount point of this stream on the 
IceCast server

Any help is appreaciated ....

Tillmann A. Basien


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