[Icecast] Newbie needs help

Mike Allen mallen at familyradio.org
Tue Mar 3 10:01:28 PST 2009

David Saunders wrote:
> Hey,
>   The only way i know of doing it is to insert it at the source to the
> icecast server. Have the server break the stream can cause many
> different issues, the biggest is a encoding error where the player
> still sees the stream but the tempo or something is not right with it
> because it assumed the old encoded scheme and not he new one.
>  I would mix in the Id at the source level. THis can be done may ways
> with many different programs.
> David
> On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 12:05 PM, Mike Allen <mallen at familyradio.org> wrote:
>> To all:
>> I am running FreeBSD v7.03 and using icecast2 which is happily relaying
>> a shoutcast MP3 stream. I want to play (mix)a pre-recorded "Stream ID"
>> file to the existing stream once per hour.
>> I've tried ices0 but no luck.  Any help will be much appreciated.
>> Mike
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David, thanks for the quick reply.

My pre-recorded 10-second announcement is already at the identical 
bitrate/samplerate of the stream.
Are you suggesting that I should de-mux/re-encode it to mix in with the 
stream?  Ices0 should do that if I set up the configuration file properly.

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