[Icecast] counting Mb of every mountpoint

Pierpaolo gullˆa sviluppo at audiias.com
Sat Jan 17 20:48:38 UTC 2009

Hi guys
> Hi
> 2008/9/21 Jordi Sala <poperbu at gmail.com>:
>> Hi,
>> Awstats (awstats.sourceforge.net/) or sawmill  (http://www.sawmill.net/) do
>> what you want.
> Webalizer - streaming version:
> http://webalizer.bzhtec.com/
> Chip Scooter

I have tried webalizer but later my try I think that it isn0t what I'm 

I want to have some information , but the most useful it's the total 
data sent by a specific mountpoint to all the client .

I have tryed the kh icecast branch , this has more statistics 
information , like this


But after that the client reconnect to the mountpoint , the statistics 
beginning fron the 0 .

The best way is if this information are absolutely from the "beginning" 
of the server ( from the latest start or something similar) , so I can 
use a database for insert partial information about every day , month ecc.

Do you know some solution for have the total amount of the data sending 
for every mountpoint?

Thanks for the attention



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