[Icecast] serving crossdomain.xml from icecast web-root

Doc Nasty doc at krushradio.com
Thu Dec 24 03:39:29 UTC 2009

Eric, David

The way to do that is by using something called a proxy script.  

Simply the code goes out to your source server, reads the xml, and then
relays it on your local server.

You can find more information about this by going to:

Or if you wanted to just try a simple one, you can create a file called
proxy.php and paste this code into it:

$feedURL = $_POST['source'];
$feedURL = trim($feedURL);

and set your xml source to:

Now i have an advanced script that manages my stats.xml with admin password,
etc.. but this is the jist of it.



   My current set up is I have a web server set up on a separate
server to serve the flash and crossdomain.xml.

  I don't try to make icecast serve up anything but what it knows how.
  It did take me a while to get the crosdomain to work. It basically
involved making sure the stream servers and the web server where in
the same domain  but mapped to different machines.

My sertup involves:
      STREAM.domain   - Hosts the flash and crossdomain.xml
      SS1.domain            - The stream and .m3u

 The trick is to make sure the icecast server sends out the SS1.domain
to the flash player so when it looks up the crossdomain on the server
with the player on it that the name of hte server is listed )

I had to do it this was cause we have 3 to 5 stream servers to access,
and all would need to be accessible with the same player.

But having one server you can use a simple webserver on your stream
maching if you want to do it that way.


On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 10:42 PM, Fu Kite (Eric Labelle)
<eric.a.labelle at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> I'm trying to serve a flash app the crossdomain.xml file for a flash app
> from the web root of my icecast2 server but everytime my app requests the
> file it gets it but with the wrong mime type. After asking on irc I tried
> the following solution:
> <icecast>
> <mime-types>/etc/mime.types</mime-types>
> ...
> to force it to use the main server mime-type definitions however it still
> served the file as application/octet-stream and was ignored by flash which
> ended up throwing a security sandbox exception...
> http://lists.xiph.org/pipermail/icecast/2009-April/011444.html
> this user (david saunders) somehow got it to work back in april so if
> or anyone else can explain how they overcame this problem (or anyone else)
> would be really grateful.
> Thanks
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> Eric Labelle
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