[Icecast] Redirect listeners and fallback

Ariel Wainer ariel at cafelug.org.ar
Wed Aug 12 04:49:57 UTC 2009

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Hi Folks

First of all, excuse my bad english.
I'm working in the video streaming team of the next WikiMania, the 
conference of the Wikimedia fundation, this year in Buenos Aires.
We are facing some issues with some specific features, the setup we are 
thinking of is the classical dvgrab | ffmpeg2theora | oggwd *

It all works fine, but we need to use fallback or move listeners, 
because we have 2 different sources locations (separated by 200m, with 
different internet links) which are not used simultaneously (one is for 
key notes only), so we would like to transfer the listeners from the 
secondary to the key note and back when it's over. We would like to be 
able to move the listeners to a mountpoint showing "brb" at the cofee 

We have tried using the fallback option, the clients (sometimes) goes to 
the fallback mount point, but it never comes back when the stream is 
We also tried moving "by hand" using moveclients.xsl, in that case the 
player freezes complaining it's a broken stream (tried mplayer, vlc and 

This issues happen both with the stock icecast from debian and ubuntu 
and with the last kh branch.

Please let me know if I should clarify any point or add aditional 

Thanks in advance.


*It's actually a little bit more complex, we connect to a local icecast 
at the source and then wget|oggwd that to the real server, so we can 
have atendees watching the streaming without consuming the internet link 
bw. Also, we are using several icecast servers to balance the load, but 
none of these has anything to do with the issues mentioned.

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