[Icecast] is there a way to do a "push relay"?

bruce bruce at celticmusicradio.net
Tue Apr 7 21:18:18 UTC 2009

perhaps a little difficult to explain - please bear with me.

We use 2 icecast servers. server1 is managed by us, server2 by our
service provider. Therefore it's easy to make config changes to
server1, less easy for server2.

I generate a stream using edcast, and send it to both servers. Sometimes I
do this by creating 2 streams within edcast, sometimes I just send the
stream to server2, and set up server1 as a relay.

Both options work well.

However, in a few weeks time, we're going to be briefly in a situation where
it will not be possible to send a stream from the encoder to server2,
due to routing/firewall issues. Server1 will be OK.

If I had full control over server2, I'd just configure it to be a relay of
server1. However, I don't have that level of access.

Is there any way that we can tell server2 to "push" a stream to
server1, rather than have server1 "pull" a relay?

Alternatively, is there some intermediate application that could
do this relaying?



Bruce Rodger
Celtic Music Radio
bruce at celticmusicradio.net

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