[Icecast] How to killsource from command line?

chiapas at aktivix.org chiapas at aktivix.org
Mon Oct 27 19:35:55 UTC 2008


Apologies - this is more of a bash question than an Icecast question.
When I visit the listmounts.xsl page for my Icecast server, for
example here:


I see that each mountpoint is listed like so:

> Mount Point : (/example.mp3)
> List Clients | Move Listeners |  Update Metadata | Kill Source
> 35 Listener(s)

The code for the "Kill Source" link resembles something like this:


So is there a way of invoking this URL from bash - perhaps like this:

lynx -auth user:password

Only the above doesn't work.

I would use this for the automated detaching of unwanted mountpoints,
perhaps in a cron job.

Many thanks in advance.

Chip Scooter

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