[Icecast] reloading configuration in icecast chroot jail on a redhat system

FL lengyel at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 08:29:02 PST 2008

How would that be implemented?  What is the syntax for using an alias in
to point to a stream? How do you detect when it is up?

The kind of fallback message I would like would be an announcement when
the next scheduled program would run...

In any case, I have noticed that <max-listener-duration> works in a mount
that the user connects to directly, and not through the fallback-mount
A <play-once-then-disconnect> tag would be nice (defaulted to 0 for all
points); and unlike <max-listener-duration>, this should work even for a
<fallback-mount>. Perhaps I should consider modifying the source.

Loading alternate config files when the main stream disconnects does not
sound as if it would scale very well...

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 3:46 AM, Geoff Shang <Geoff at quitelikely.com> wrote:

> FL wrote:
> > Also, I have another problem: I want an off the air loop to play exactly
> > once, after which the
> > user is disconnected. However, the loop plays indefinitely.
> hmmm.  You could achieve this using aliases I guess.  You could have an
> alias that pointed to the stream when it is up and to your off the air
> message when it isn't, and have on-connect and on-disconnect events be
> scripts to make the appropriate changes and reload the config.
> Geoff.
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