[Icecast] How to killsource from command line?

chiapas at aktivix.org chiapas at aktivix.org
Sun Nov 2 13:44:34 PST 2008


Many thanks for the helpful replies.

Please see below.

2008/11/1 David Saunders <abitar.com at gmail.com>:
> They should work :P
> but if it the local server  try using for the server name
> instead, lot of server are not configure correctly to know what their
> address is.
> also the syntax  user:Pass at servername    should work also.

Doesn't yet work for me.

I've tried this from the CLI and it just returns me to a cursor thus:

[root at example ~]# lynx -auth user:password

Same using curl and wget, for example:

[root at example ~]# curl

> I use it allot on a remote control server to force a client to drop.
> But one thing you have to make sure is that they not on reconnect in
> the client or it will reconnect with in a few seconds.

Good point.

> Also I would add their source IP into the firewall setting for a
> temporary ban to the server.  . but that is a totally different.

Yes, I am having success with iptables - I have effectively solved my
problem this way but for curiosity's sake I am interested in using

> Also i work with one where i would update the server with a new
> username/password fot the mount and reload the server (not reset the
> server) then kick them , this will keep them from getting back on.

Good point but I'm trying to avoid restarting Icecast and dropping all
other active connections - and I presume "killall -HUP icecast" will
_not_ drop the unwanted mountpoint.

> David

Many thanks

Chip Scooter

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