[Icecast] ezstream and icecast2

Jim Smith jimjim197 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 25 21:10:31 UTC 2008


I have two issues:

1) The packet for the theora and vorbis  have much closer granules time
when using icecast2. When ezstream/icecast2 is used for a live stream
the granules times appear to be far off. Packet 1392 of audio could sync with packet
234 of the video.

2) Ezstream/icecast2 stream is so slow that the buffering in my software
causes the audio and video to stagger a lot. It's strange to me that
the icecast2 stream alone without using ezstream is very fast and
causes no buffering problem in my software.

Does anyone have any idea way ezstream would be so much slower than
using icecast2 alone? I'm only using a cat <filename> in the
ezstream config file.


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