[Icecast] Questions and problems about relaying

Pierpaolo Gulla airteknology at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 09:18:52 UTC 2008

Hi guys , I have some strange problems using Icecast2 Rlay.

I'm using two icecast2 server , 1 in a office and 1 in another office.

Every office connection have static Ip and the 8000 port fordwarded to 
the icecast private Ip by every router.

Reading the documentation 

I have tryed the two type of realy:

the master-server relay doesn't work , beacuse on the slave there isn't 
the mountpoint of the master , I try to restart every server ,to statrt 
before the master and later the slave , all without result.

The Single braodcast relay works very well.

My ideas is another:

There is a possiblity for an icecast server to be a client for another 
icecast server?

Because my master server for some times will don't have static Ip , 
because I'm going to follow some artist and do a live streaming with 
this configuration

firewire camera -->pc1-->streaming on the Lan to Icecast of 
Pc2-->Icecast on the web.

The problem it's that6 all the type of the relay in the documentation is 
the serer that connects it self to the master.

There isn't a way that are the master that send the stream to the slave 
, like a client?

Excuse for my bad explanation and English , but I hpe it's understandable.



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