[Icecast] Buffer in IceCast

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Tue Jun 10 13:42:21 UTC 2008

Taner Sener wrote:

> My case is: my icecast server and ice cast client are in different 
> locations and connection between these two is not so healthy. Sometimes 
> network problems causes client to loose connection with server and this 
> causes server to broadcast silence to the listeners. I want to get rid 
> of this. What I wonder is if IceCast Server buffers some amount of time 
> before broadcasting it to the listeners. I mean the stream data in the 
> buffer can be broadcasted to listeners when connection between server 
> and client is lost. I think if there is such kind of implementation it 
> can help me on solving this issue.

The only backdating/reserving of stream data is done for the initial 
burst. In these cases it's difficult to handle well if you truly lose 
the connection, you can of course increase the source timeout and/or 
have a huge burst size (eg 1 Meg). These may be all you need but it 
really does depend on the circumstances leading up to the source client 


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