[Icecast] Unexpected shutdown of Icecast

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Tue Jul 1 10:10:04 UTC 2008

Dick Trump wrote:
> I've been running 2.2.0 for more than 3 years now on a Win2K system and have had so little trouble with it, I hadn't considered upgrading  However it has mysteriously failed a few times.  I would get a report that it was down, log in remotely only to find that Icecast was not running.  I would restart it, report to the station manager that he or someone must have shut it down, and forget about it.

Glad to hear that 2.2.0 has been running well for you.

> But just now, while doing some other maintenance on the system, I inadvertently shut it down myself and was so astounded that I had to do it again to prove that my action had really made it quit.
> All I did was press the Escape key when Icecast had focus and it was gone.  Is there any good reason for it to shut down like that?  

maybe oddsock is best to answer that one.  Are you saying it's like the 
stop server button was pressed or that the application completely 

> I suppose that installing it as a service would take care of it, right?  I guess that would give me good reason to finally upgrade.

running it so that keyboard input is not taken, even minimized should 
suffice. A 2.3.2 update would certainly be requested. There are many 
instability fixes since 2.2.0 and in the case of windows there dependent 
  libs have also been updated.

> Is there an option on 2.3.2 during installation to install as a service?  If not, where would I find instructions?

there's a check box at the end of the install process. There is a quirk 
in windows (yeah I know) wrt services. In some versions you may find 
that you need a reboot between the removing of a service to installing a 
new one. I suspect you should be ok with going from 2.2.0 to 2.3.2 
without a reboot because the service name is different.


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