[Icecast] Shoutcast compatible stats

Geoff Shang Geoff at QuiteLikely.com
Tue Dec 30 23:08:02 UTC 2008


Sorry to bring up such a subject on this list, but I'm looking to make our 
Icecast installs compliant with SWCast (www.swcast.net).  I'd be interested 
in hearing from anyone who has already done this.

1.  Googling suggests that Icecast can emulate Shoutcast's XML stats at 
admin.cgi?mode=viewxml.  But I've been unable to work out the proper syntax 
or the way to specify the source.  Short of reading the Icecast sources, 
can anyone shed any more light on this?

2.  Related to 1, is it possible to alias requests for admin.cgi on say a 
specific port so that it redirects to the correct admin.cgi query?  In 
other words, can I make Icecast return the correct info for a specific 
mount if I get what Shoutcast expects as a query on a specific port?

3.  Has anyone roled an XSL transform to emulate Shoutcast's 7.html?  I'm 
sure I can do it but I'm pushing a deadline and was wondering if someone 
had already done it (Google didn't turn up anything).


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