[Icecast] Icecast Customizations

Thomas B. Ruecker dm8tbr at afthd.tu-darmstadt.de
Sat Aug 23 11:24:08 UTC 2008

Hi Sean,

Seann Clark schrieb:
>     This is a mix between a request for help and an oh gee wiz type of 
> question. I want to know how, if it is able to be shown (some people 
> don't like to share how they made their stuff unique so I am cool with 
> that) different ways they have customized their Icecasts. I have a 
> server(set) that is running fine now, and I want to grow it out in some 
> way (different streams for different genre's, etc) and use a different 
> interface to launch the streams, and leave the default icecast page for 
> 'admin' use only. Basically injecting a link into a site to allow users 
> to stream without having to go to the icecast page.
Pretty broad question.
Well if you want to get rid of the status interface you can:
- remove the alias of "/" to "/status.xsl"
- make "/" point to "/something.html" where you just have some static 
content file in webroot
- if you still want to have an status.xsl file (you can rename it) but 
password protect it. The way is IIRC to create an mount point named like 
the xsl file and make it listener-authenticated.
- you can also edit the xsl file in various ways to feature 
different/less meta data content and own html code (you have to make 
sure it is still valid xml/xslt else you get an error)

- as to the streams, well that's an individual thing
- if you want to have an web-interface that can influence the playlist 
for a given mount point you might want to look at liquidsoap or tunequeue
- if you want to have direct links to the streams on your web page just 
use the following scheme for links:
$ICECAST_HOSTNAME_OR_IP = some.host.nowhere
$PORT = 8000 (that's the default port)
$MOUNT = coolstream.ogg
$PLAYLISTEXTENSION = m3u (you can also use xspf as of 2.3.2)

> I know how to set up multiple stream sources, but failed at getting 
> multiple streams running mostly due to personal error (I am filled with 
> those it seems, but when isn't playing filled with errors?)
for a very simple test: run e.g. ices2 multiple times. Each time with an 
different configuration file. Always use the source-password and just 
make up some mount points. (You don't have to necessarily define mount 
points in icecast.xml if you use the general source-password.) Icecast 
will automagically create the mount points upon connect.
>  and I am 
> wondering if for the more advanced functions of the latest versions of 
> icecast (2.3.2 or so) does anyone have anything interesting they can 
> share for this?
for 2.3.2 there is a nice list of the changes on the web page.

As for further niceties:
I've created a munin plug in that can graph many Icecast parameters.
For 2.3.2 though it can do nice and shiny listener graphs only.
Future Icecast versions will enable you to track bandwidth for sources 
and listeners and maybe a few other things.

I'm looking for testers for my munin plug in before I release this to 
the general public. So if some of you want to take it for a ride just 
drop me an private mail.

For interactive feedback you can drop by #icecast on freenode IRC. Bring 
some patience. It can take minutes but also a few hours before someone 



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