[Icecast] playlist generator

Nicolas Cohen nicolas at unaradio.com.ar
Mon Sep 10 12:07:50 UTC 2007


I've been doing some scripts to generate playlist through some rulesets
They are written in php, but run from the command line.
I've used em with ices and sc_trans

the script takes an xml configuration file with a list of folders,  
each with some priority, and makes a shuffled playlist with songs  
from higher priority folder having more chances to play than others.

I put very high priority to an "Announcements" folder and get my  
announcements playing every 3 or 4 songs.

the features i've been thinking of adding are:

-adding a specific hour to some folders, making them play at that time
-adding a no-shuffle setting so that a folder runs in the exact order  
it has inside
-an expiration engine, which allows some songs or folders to stop  
playing after some specific date/time
-having the system id every file and counting how many times each  
song plays in a mysql or flat file db
-being able to set up the system so it rotates the songs, avoiding  
-set up announcements to run at specific intervals
-a user feedback mechanism so that listeners can vote for or against  
a song, which will add or remove points from a song and from a  
folder, which will count in the priorities for playlist generation (i  
currently have one folder per dj, so 12-15 djs add music in their  
folders, with the voting, popular djs will have more air time than  
-artist cloud generation for the website, with a list of most played  
artists of the last weeks

the features will probably be split in several different commands,  
following unix fashion

if anyone has interest on helping, or has suggestion for other  
features, mail me


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