[Icecast] static noise while streaming

Viktor Pavlenko vvp at cogeco.ca
Thu Sep 6 01:51:16 UTC 2007

>>>>> "KH" == Karl Heyes <karl at xiph.org> writes:

    KH> Viktor Pavlenko wrote:
    KH> ...

    >> I'm using icecast2 server and muse source client on gentoo
    >> linux. Some mp3 files that I'm streaming exhibit severe static
    >> noise, in fact, the noise is present always but is most
    >> noticeable for the records that are currently playing,

    KH> Icecast does not change the encoding so check the source
    KH> client. If the original material does not have the problem
    KH> then you'll know what is causing it.

Thanks a lot Karl for the prompt reply.

What I suspected, something is wrong with encoding in muse... Their
website looks very much abandoned but I'll try to get some help there.



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