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Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
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When you say "program like Ices", do you mean a program which can broadcast 
a live MP3 stream and also save it to a file?

If so, it sounds like darkice (http://darkice.sf.net) will do nicely.

As for your Windows query, it's not possible for a two separate programs or 
processes to capture the mic and line input of most if not all soundcards, 
as most cards only have one capture device.  That is to say, a soundcard can 
usually only capture the mic or the line, and on some cards, both at once 
but mixed together.  You'd probably need two soundcards to do what you want.


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Does anyone know if there is a program for linux like ices that can dump 
live audio from an input to an mp3 file?  Or, is there any software for 
windows that can capture the mic input and line in input and encode them 
seperately but both live?  Thanks,

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