[Icecast] m3u list - encode/decode?

Tod tod at stthomasepc.org
Wed Jun 20 01:12:57 UTC 2007

I'm now trying to use an m3u formatted list to pass to ezstream rather 
than stdin.  Since all of my audio files are in .wav format, and I have 
oggenc, I see no reason to decode them before ogg encoding them.  Is 
there a configuration I can use to make this happen?  I tried omitting 
the decode parameter and ezstream complained.

Here is what I have now:

        Since the reencoding feature is enabled below, <format /> sets the
        output format of the stream.
     <!-- Enable playlist shuffling: -->
        The file in <filename> is a regular playlist and not a program.
        For demonstrational purposes, explicitly state this here:
       The following settings are used to describe your stream to the 
       It's up to you to make sure that the 
       information matches up with your oggenc encoder settings below.
     <svrinfoname>My Stream</svrinfoname>
     <svrinfodescription>This is a stream description</svrinfodescription>
     <!-- Allow the server to advertise the stream on a public YP 
directory: -->
         <!-- Enable the reencoding feature: -->
            Each <encdec /> element specifies a pair of programs to be 
used for
            decoding and encoding, respectively, and which file 
extension and
            output stream format they apply to.

            All the configuration of the output stream is usually done 
by using
            the appropriate command line parameters of the encoders in the
            <encode /> elements.

            New encdec sections can be added for new input/output formats.
                Support for Vorbis decoding via oggdec, and encoding via 
             <encode>oggenc -r -q 1.5 --resample=44100 -t "@M@" -</encode>


Thanks - Tod

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