[Icecast] RTP/RTSP streaming of GSM or ADPCM audio

Michael Grigoni michael.grigoni at cybertheque.org
Tue Jun 19 16:44:45 UTC 2007

Thomas B. Ruecker wrote:
> Michael Grigoni wrote:
>>It would be nice if Icecast supported RTSP; 
> It probably never will
>>however I would
>>appreciate any suggestions for a small RTSP/RTP solution to
>>encode 8kHz mono audio in GSM or ADPCM and service multiple
>>unicast client connections.  
> why not use icecast (with adjusted buffers) + speex? are you really that
> reliant on very low latency?

Thanks for your reply.  Yes, the application is an online remote-
controlled HF receiver and a DX'er can't tolerate lag in the audio
while tuning.

I'd appreciate hearing from folks who have solved this problem.



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