[Icecast] url authentication help

Guillermo Movia guillermo.movia at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 19:17:05 UTC 2007

Hi all, i 'm configuring icecast2 server to make an audio stream. We
need an authentication system. I read the icecast documentation and
make some test with the configuration that came in the examples
folders of the icecaste tar (but i installed it through the apt-get in

I don't know if maybe i doesn't understand the differents types of
authentication. We need some method that make a prompt to the user
with the form (i don't know if this is possible with icecast). At
least, althought it appear with a lock by it side, i still can access
without authentication with the direct url (http://ip:8000/audio). Is
there a way to deny the access to a stream if it is not authenticated?

This is my configuration for the mountpoint en icecast.xml:

<authentication type="url">
		<option name="add"    value=""/>
		<option name="remove" value=""/>
		<option name="start" value=""/>
		<option name="end" value=""/>
		<option name="username" value="user"/>
            	<option name="password" value="pass"/>
		<option name="auth_header" value="icecast-auth-user: 1"/>


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