[Icecast] Open source streaming project in need of developers

David Baelde david.baelde at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 07:50:35 PST 2007


You didn't describe much of your bugs or the specific features of your
playout system... It seems to me that it'd be best to focus new
efforts on the automated scheduler pickings songs from the database.
In that area there is no really good open-source solution as far as I
know. There are only several specialized solutions.

Playout is quite independent from scheduling: streamers can interface
easily with any scheduling program. In particular our baby
(liquidsoap) does crossfading, dynamic compression and (much) more. It
also takes input from the soundcard (via ALSA, Jack or PortAudio) and
relays HTTP streams either passively (pulling them) or actively
(acting as icecast from the source's point of view). Soundcard input
is getting better but is still liquidsoap's weakness: depending on
your hardware, it might not behave perfectly especially in really
low-latency mode.. Except for that, it's a robust tool, and I promise
you that it won't die tomorrow and will support smoothly many more

I don't mean to advertise too much our tool. It's just a hobby for all
of us, we don't get money for it and you won't get paid support for
it. I just believe that it could be a loss to spend energies in
developing other complex streamers without a good reason and a serious
reviewing of existing tools, not only liquidsoap -- I know that some
people have some dirty-patched versions of ices that do crossfading,
for example.

I don't offer any help as I'm more than busy with my own project and
life, but I'd be happy to follow any discussion on the design of an
usable and flexible radio scheduling software.

Good luck!

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