[Icecast] Re: Create a live stream and problem in the webplayer

Pierpaolo Gullˆa airteknology at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 16:10:31 PST 2007

Hi guys ,

first of all I want to thanks to you for your reply.
My ezstream configuration it's this

   EXAMPLE: Ogg Theora playlist stream WITH reencoding and sequential 

   This example streams a playlist that may contain .avi and MPEG files.
   Ezstream will use the ffmpeg2theora program to both decode and 
reencode the
   video files to Ogg Theora. The output stream settings are controlled 
via the
   paramters to ffmpeg2theora.
       Since the reencoding feature is enabled below, <format /> sets the
       output format of the stream.
       Playlist shuffling is disabled, when the <shuffle /> element does not
       exist or is commented out:
<!-- <shuffle>1</shuffle> -->
      The following settings are used to describe your stream to the server.
      It's up to you to make sure that the 
      information matches up with your oggenc encoder settings below.
    <svrinfoname>My Stream</svrinfoname>
    <svrinfodescription>This is a stream description</svrinfodescription>
       A missing or commented out <svrinfopublic /> element means no
       advertising on YP for this broadcast:
    <!-- <svrinfopublic>1</svrinfopublic> -->
        <!-- Enable the reencoding feature: -->
           Each <encdec /> element specifies a pair of programs to be 
used for
           decoding and encoding, respectively, and which file extension and
           output stream format they apply to.

           All the configuration of the output stream is usually done by 
           the appropriate command line parameters of the encoders in the
           <encode /> elements.

           New encdec sections can be added for new input/output formats.
               Support for THEORA. Ogg Theora streams are created 
               with ffmpeg2theora, which does the complete reencoding on its
               own. Therefore, we only supply a <decode /> element and let
               ezstream pass through the resulting stream unaltered to 
            <decode>ffmpeg2theora -x 192 -y 128 -A 32 -V 100 --title 
"@M@" -o - "@T@"</decode>
            <decode>ffmpeg2theora -x 192 -y 128 -a 0 -v 4 --title "@M@" 
-o - "@T@"</decode>

It's original , because my debian server it's on my lan.

With this configuration i can create a live and continous stream?I have 
3 choise for works with my system
Use a playòist how input , stdin or a fifo that i have create.

Thansk for your help


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