[Icecast] test icecast

Andreas Hierling andy at laut.de
Tue Dec 11 02:34:24 PST 2007

icecast-bounces at xiph.org schrieb am 11.12.2007 00:49:34:

> How do I convey mp3 stored on the server.

Don't know if i got it right, but i think you want to stream some mp3-files
stored on your server over Icecast. So after you set up your icecast
server, you have to install a streaming client. This is a multimedia-player
which outputs data to the icecast server instead of your sound interface.
icecast then provides the data-stream to a broader audience over so-called
mountpoints. The streaming client can be run on the same machine as the
icecast server or at any other machine.

If you want the Streaming Client to run on the server i suggest you take
ices2, or try coding your own with c, perl, ruby, java, OCaml or python
using libshout and the appropriate bindings.

Everything you need can be downloaded at http://icecast.org/download.php

You can also take a look at http://savonet.sourceforge.net/

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