[Icecast] Create a live stream and problem in the webplayer

Pierpaolo Gullˆa airteknology at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 16:35:21 PST 2007

Hi guys , I have a big trouble using theora and vorbis for create real 
time streaming , or better to say the real time encoding.
I try to explain better to you my problem.

I have some video files on my hd ,i can choose for this files between 
avi , or other know format.

My problem it's that i use a scheduling system , that play the original 
files at particular time .
Now i must to taje this file and send to icecast or other streaming server.
My streaming destination it's a webpage where i have cortado or itheora.

My first try it's the system ffmpeg2theora , ezstream and icecast , but 
when ezstream change files to encode cortado and itheora stop the play , 
i have read that's the problem it's ezstream that create chained stream 
and cortado doesn't support this stream type.

I try with vlc , oggfwd and others but my problems it's that i see the 
stream in vlc or other system player it's all ok , if i use cortado and 
itheora there is the problem of changing files.

Now I have two choise :
-one it's to find some patch for cortado and itheora for play chianed 
stream and i think that my problem finish
-one it's to think another stream system that isn't 
files-->ezstream-->ffmpeg2theora--->Icecast , but other program
-one it's to fond the way to create a file that will play by cortado or 
itheora that it's only a temp file like a bugger in ogg format

How do you create a live stream?
I see that the only web tv that doens't have problem of changinf files 
are visonair.tv and this that refresh the 
page this an ajax system
Can you help me please?



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