[Icecast] relay streaming m3u

Victor Sterpu victor at ambra.ro
Thu Aug 23 12:12:43 PDT 2007

I use icecast 2.3.1.
Can I relay something like this with icecast 
If I can, can you please give an example how to do it?

I tryed this:
but the error log said:
[2007-08-23  22:04:22] INFO slave/start_relay_stream Starting relayed 
source at mountpoint "/total"
[2007-08-23  22:04:22] EROR slave/start_relay_stream Error from relay 
request: Not Found
[2007-08-23  22:04:22] DBUG source/source_clear_source clearing source 
[2007-08-23  22:04:23] DBUG slave/check_relay_stream waiting for relay 
thread for "/total"

Thak you.

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