[Icecast] which source client should i use?

James Wong jwong98 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 16 20:18:48 UTC 2007


I just started to learn icecast, it is really great.
I use icecast2.3 as server and oddcastV3 as source
client to capture live data from microphone in Windons

Here is my technical question:

I like to be able to manage source clients (for
Windows XP) configurations dynamically. 

So, i like to use web interfaces to save dynamically
generated configuration file for connecting the server
to each source client 

After this, the user just need to start the source
client software which sees the new configuration
automatically and can stream live data from microphone

I think oddcast3 does not take configuration in a

Can anyone suggest me a source client software that
can take a text-based configuration file and also work
for live data such as microphone?



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