[Icecast] list of features and question to technology

Anton Berg antonberg1 at gmx.de
Wed Apr 11 00:54:49 UTC 2007

Hey there,
I am wondering if there is any list available giving me a list of feature of icecast (maybe also in comparision with shoutcast). 

Moreover, I was thinking if and how the following scenario is solved: suppose I'd like to stream 1000 different songs at one time, i.e. 1000 user will listen to different mp3s hosted by my streaming server. Are in this scenario all 1000 songs (at least the current minute of it) are loaded to RAM (for 1000 songs and holding 1 min this would need approx. 1000 MB or RAM) and then the streaming service handles that each user gets his chunk? Otherwise if the data is read directly from the harddrive this would probably to slow since in this case this would result in too much direct IO operations. In fact, this is somehow the case as for Last.fm and pandoram.com. Such services should support such a technique because theoretically each user gets at each point in time a totally different data chunk, i.e. hears another song.

Thanks for your help,
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