[Icecast] Access for scripting??? Displaying play history

David Baelde david.baelde at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 00:36:59 UTC 2006


I'm not sure about what you can get from icecast. There is a textual
version of status.xsl (is it status2.xsl) which can be parsed by
javascript: you setup an XMLHTTPRequest in ascii mode, get the file,
parse it, display the song info on your page.

Now if you want the last ten songs somewhere, or more information than
just the usual metadata, I think you need cooperation from the stream
client. The streamer could update an XML description of whatever you
need, and you would then parse it using javascript from your webpage
-- this time it's real AJAX.

Dolebraï uses the liquidsoap streamer
(http://savonet.sf.net/wiki/Liquidsoap) to do that. The XML is
<http://dolebrai.net/~dbaelde/last.xml>, it is parsed periodically
from every page to get the current song info (on the top left in
<http://dolebrai.net>), and more info from this XML is displayed on
the playlist page <http://dolebrai.net/playlist>.

Feel free to ask if you need more description about this solution.


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