[Icecast] URL authentication

Peter Bengtson peter at peterbengtson.com
Fri Sep 8 11:22:32 UTC 2006

The php file is not password protected in itself, so authentication  
of the authentication page shouldn't be a problem.

I'm using a Mac OS 10.4.7 server, running LightTPD. Its logs do not  
report icecast connecting to it at all. What seems to be happening is  
that icecast *thinks* it is connecting when it is in fact not, and  
then it thinks that the user is authenticated. Which means that  
authentication isn't performed at all.

	/ Peter

8 sep 2006 kl. 13.08 skrev Klauss Fumuldavijus:

> I had similar problems when my auth.php was on password protected  
> http server...but after applying the following configuration i've  
> got it working:
> <mount>
> <mount-name>/Test</mount-name>
> <authentication type="url">
> <option name="listener_add" value="http://user:pass@ 
> action.php"/>
> <option name="listener_remove" value="http://user:pass@ 
> auth/action.php"/>
> </authentication>
> </mount>
> what web server you are using? what it's logs are saying?

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