[Icecast] Strange occurrence

Dick Trump dtrump1 at triadav.com
Thu Sep 7 17:54:01 UTC 2006

Klaas Jan Wierenga wrote:
> I suspect the Linux systems are running a nightly or weekly cron job 
> they weren't running before causing an excessive load on CPU or network
> which caused the clients to disconnect. The nightly cron jobs are 
> generally located in /etc/cron.daily and run a 4am!. Check for any 
> changes in the nightly cron jobs.

Thanks.  I didn't know that 4 am was magic but had suspected it might be a cron job.  Nothing would have been added recently.  These have been in place varying lengths of time but are pretty much clones of each other with a little remote maintenance done on the first ones installed.  But nothing has changed within the past 8-10 months.

The only cron.daily that I put in was to do an rdate time synchronization with time-b.nist.gov.  That's been in place since the beginning.  But there were some default ones that are there from the initial FC1 installation.  Maybe a yum or rpm?

In any case, knowing the 4:00am magic time lets me know that it had nothing to do with Icecast.

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