[Icecast] An open YP directory

Bryan Hance bhance at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 11:07:06 PDT 2006

Hello all -

In the interest of getting an open, mp3-compatible YP directory
available to the public, I have begun www.openradiodirectory.org

Directions for YP listing are here: http://www.openradiodirectory.org/list.php

It's a 100% fresh YP implementation in PHP/MySQL. Touch frequency is
currently at four minutes while I work out some of the minor kinks.

There's still a few rough edges, but I hope this alleviates some of
the ongoing problems and questions re: available Icecast YP servers
that list mp3, etc.

I hope this also supports the overall Icecast cause by throwing a bit
of YP redundancy and variation into the mix.

-Bryan Hance

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