[Icecast] What is Meta data!!

akraix akraix at arcor.de
Tue Nov 28 00:02:29 UTC 2006

hi kadhir, 

what is metadata? 
metadata is data containing information about the stream. that could be the 
name of the radiostation, the currently playing song and artist and much more 
if you like. 
is it helpful to users? 
oh, yes! imagine you are listening to a station and with the help of metadata 
you can display the currently playing song on the webpage (with some deeper 
web programming skills required), users can see it in their player, you can 
generate an automated playlist to put on the web containing songs played at a 
special show ... 
especially the aspect that users are able to see what is currently playing is 
highly important. 
and there you are why refreshing metadata is important: to update them when a 
new song starts. 

On Friday 24 November 2006 08:06, kadhiravan r wrote:
> Hai friend..
>   My Question is,
>   What is metadat in icecast server.?
>   What is the use of updating it and how is helpfull tousers?

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