[Icecast] using some streaming server for mobile user

Mark Trimble trimblma at mscd.edu
Wed Nov 15 13:59:46 UTC 2006

I use Icecast2/Ices2 to broadcast two downmixed and resampled 16k mono ogg
streams to my Pocket PC cell phone and it has worked flawlessly. The mobile
player I use is TCPMP. It is open-source and available for both the Palm and
Pocket PC/Windows Mobile OSs. Available at http://tcpmp.corecodec.org/, as
well as other places (the site appears to be down as I'm writing this); just
Google TCPMP.



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> Subject: [Icecast] using some streaming server for mobile user
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> Hi all
> i would like to use icecast to get the audio stream  and send 
> it to some mobile user using a streming server as Helix ( 
> encoder or producer).
> do you think is possible to encode the audio stream for 
> example in AMR?
> Z

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