[Icecast] multichannel streaming

Georg Holzmann georg.holzmann at student.kug.ac.at
Thu May 18 17:31:00 UTC 2006


> Icecast is not primarily targeted at on demand streaming. It's an live streaming
> server.
Yes, I know - I also don't know if it is the right tool for it ... but 
that's why I'm asking here ;)

>>So if a user wants to hear record A, then a stream should be opened 
>>(maybe a new mount point ?) and only this user should be allowed to hear 
>>the stream ...
>>Is this possible with icecast ?
> It probably would.
> (Aber man kann sich auch hintenrum durch die Brust ins Auge schiessen...)
Have you an idea how it would be possible ?

I just read the documentation for the config-file about mount-points:

But in our situation we would have e.g. 10 listeners in parallel (which 
here different recordings) and I would have to declare 10 such mount 
points in that config file ...
So is there a way to dynamically set such settings ?

Or is there maybe an other (open-source) software, which might be better 
for our task?

>>And the streams should be also multichannel (2-8 channels, it depends on 
>>the record) ...
> that would probably be possible with ogg/vorbis. You'd need to find
> a client software supporting that though.

Thanks - I just tried it myself and multichannel is possible with ogg ;)
And yes, we have to program a special client software anyway ...

Many Thanks,

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